Strengthening the Vaccine Cold Chain from Start to Finish

Thermo King units have always been utilized for pharma transport, from global shipping to local delivery of temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines. So, it was no surprise when the COVID-19 vaccine was ready for distribution that Thermo King would play a critical role in the distribution.  Click here to read about how Thermo King units have been utilized in air and ground transportation, as well as storage of the vaccine.

Looking forward, the vaccine has brought cold chain sustainability to the forefront for Trane Technologies, Thermo King’s parent company. “We look at this as an opportunity to inject sustainability into this rapid innovation and restructuring of the cold chain,” said Paul Camuti, chief technology, and strategy officer for Trane Technologies, Thermo King’s parent company. Read more here.

ICYMI, here are some news stories following Thermo King’s role in the distribution.

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